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VIDEO: Dry Brushing 101

Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic method of body detoxification that works by stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation. It encourages lymphatic drainage, which is how toxins are eliminated from your body. It also effectively exfoliates your skin, improves skin texture, and aids in cell regeneration. Dry brushing also decreases fluid retention in fatty tissue, which can help decrease the appearance of cellulite.


There are many different types of dry brushes, some more rough and coarse than others. They’re easy to find at health food stores and on Amazon.

For sensitive skin or beginners, try a mitt: Dry Body Brush.

For a medium coarseness, try this Dry Skin Body Brush.

For a rough exfoliation (the one that I use!) try this Bass Dry/Wet Brush



The best method to do this is in the shower before turning the water on. Start at your feet and move upward to right below your knee with long, overlapping strokes. Go over each spot about 2-4 times before moving on to another part of your lower leg, making sure to brush over all of the skin. Then move to your upper leg/thigh area, following the same pattern. Repeat on second leg.

Move to your arms, working from the wrist up to the elbow in the same motions. Work up to your upper arms, including the backs. All strokes should be directed toward the heart. Make sure to work on the parts of your body with the largest lymphatic clusters (arm pits, lower abdomen, side-boob/rib area). To get your armpits, lift your arm above your head and make sweeping motions downward. Repeat on other arm.

For your chest, brush in light, circular motions. The skin here is sensitive, so don’t over-exfoliate. Repeat this method on tummy.

Beginners should start doing this twice a week, and work their way up to every day – or just as often as possible! Depending on how much time you spend on each area, this process can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. Anything is better than nothing, so fitting in a quick 5-minute session is still beneficial. If you have the time to spend, it’s an effective stress-reliever – so add it in to an at-home spa night and really take your time with it – and throw on our meditation playlist to really relax!

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